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Odyssey's Guidebook

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Odyssey's Guidebook Empty Odyssey's Guidebook

Post  Taaka Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:50 pm

✹ Welcome!
the story

Copyright © 2018-2019 Odyssey. All rights reserved.

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Odyssey's Guidebook Empty Odyssey Rules & Guidelines

Post  Taaka Fri Mar 22, 2019 4:23 pm

✹ Welcome!
the story

Copyright ©️ 2018-2019 Odyssey. All rights reserved.

✹ Before You Join
Before you join, you are expected to know and understand the high standards we set for our members. Odyssey is an advanced RP group, and while we accept members of all ages and levels of literacy, we expect all members to meet the expectations requested!

I: Respect all members. Respect everyone in all situations, no matter the age, sexuality, position in the group, religion or beliefs. Harassment, name-calling, and bullying will not be tolerated. Bullying or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated; keep in-character and out-of-character conflicts separate. Odyssey strives to remain a close-knit and collaborative community.

II: PG-13 to R. Some material written in RP may be offensive to viewers. The opinions expressed through characters in RP do not reflect the views of Odyssey and its members. Odyssey is a mature RP group, and we expect our members to be mature as well. Some material may be offensive to readers and guests, so please be sure to leave a warning on all literature. Please note: The acts of characters are strictly in a fictional basis. Odyssey does not condone any discriminatory, offensive, or illegal acts done by characters. Reader and viewer discretion is advised.

III: Please remember that the staff of Odyssey are volunteers. This means that things won't always happen as quickly as expected. If a PM or report is not replied to very quickly, we may be working on something behind the scenes. We appreciate patience, and we ask you to remember that we are human. If we do make an error, please be patient and work with us to sort out the issue. If you catch a mistake, sending a polite PM to a staff member can be helpful!

IV: Odyssey runs a monthly activity check. All members are required to earn at least 10 Avens a month minimum. It is your job cash in your posts so that they are rewarded. Posts that are not cashed in within at the start of a new month become expired. Two months of unexplained inactivity will result in instant removal from the group. Please note: If you cannot activity check for the month due to circumstances (including: illness, travel, vacation, broken computer and finals), you may PM a staff member to keep your position. Any absence that extend your returning date will have you removed from your pack and moved to “Lone wolves.” If you are a pack leader, you must select a temporary leader with approval from a staff member, or one will be selected for you.

V: Be cautious what you post. Odyssey is open for viewing to guests; this means that you need to be cautious about what you post, and you're responsible for what you share. Whether you talk about your age, name, gender, etc, is strictly your choice. Odyssey is not responsible for the misuse of any information that you give or say.

✹ Odyssey General Guidelines
In order to maintain order and to ensure that everyone is having a pleasant time with Odyssey, we created rules for each areas of the game. Each section contains its own set of information, so make sure to check them all out. It's a bit of a read, but you'll find everything you have to need to know about us in here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask in the FAQ!

I: Do not SPAM. Posting content with phrases that are too short or don't contribute to the subject, commenting or making topics that do not correlate to the forum section is deemed spam and will cause for a warning. This includes excessive use of smileys, caps, double posting (unless it's in the Chatting Hub), colors and excessive grammar mistakes also. Note: Porn, keys, long links, hacks, cracks, warez or illegal content is prohibited.

II: Don't seek attention. If the reason you are talking about these issues is simply for gaining attention, then you will be given a strike or given a temporary ban from from the chatbox. If attention-seeking becomes excessive and/or is making you uncomfortable, report to a council member right away, or ask them nicely to stop. If the issue still progresses, you will be removed from Odyssey.

III: Don't steal content. Odyssey is a project we've worked extremely hard on, and stealing content we made exclusively for our group is deeply frowned upon. We will take legal or any necessary action against theft. If you want to use material or an idea, don't hesitate to register and ask a staff member! We'll probably say yes, and want to watch it blossom or even be a part of it! Everything on Odyssey is copyrighted to the author. Do not use anything from this website without the permission of the staff or the author!

IV: Never hesitate to report. Our forum is mostly public, and we don't want any obscene or misconduct on our forum. Odyssey has 7 staff members, and usually there is at least one at all times. If you see an issue, please contact a staff member immediately. Click here if you need to know who is on the staff team!
Note: Backseat moderating (non-moderators responding to posts as if they were moderators is not allowed. Helping/reporting is okay, but do not act like a moderator.

V: Do not advertise! We have a forum dedicated to advertising your RP groups! Please don't do it anywhere else on the forum!

✹ Odyssey Roleplay Rules
Roleplay is a huge aspect of Odyssey, and is something that we want for all members to be a part of! RP is an exciting creative venture, but also means a lot responsibility since anyone across the world can read and participate! In order to have some structure and fairness, we have rules that everyone must follow. Make sure you also follow the rules above!

I: No Godmodding. You may not take control of another person's character without their permission. This includes speaking for another person's character and physically wounding a character without the player's permission.

II: Pups (0-6 months old) must have an official parent or guardian character to care for them. Any storylines or histories that follow a “pup was abandoned and raised themselves” or “taken in by another animal (besides other canines)” are looked down upon. Odyssey staff will require a rewrite of the history or deletion of the character.  

III: Major plots MUST be approved by the staff PRIOR to starting the plot. Characters will never be killed without player's consent, but be aware that there can be serious consequences to characters breaking the laws of some packs in character. In order to be fair to all members, plots which violate pack laws or would have a major impact on a pack’s life must be approved by their respective alpha(s). "Major plots" include, but are not limited to:
     -    Assassinations
     -    Kidnappings
     -    Rape & Breeding
     -    Violations of pack laws which include scarification, exile, death and etc.
     -    Attempts by a character to perform any of the above
     -    Other plots which upset the culture and/or politics of the involved pack(s)

Note: We do not want pornographic content in our RP. Briefly mentioning/hinting or posting signs of affection that lead up to the action is allowed, but no graphic details during. All posts that are too risque will be deleted immediately.

IV: All battles between members must be collaborated on before posted. This means that a victor must be chosen before executing the battle; the players are responsible for choosing unless they decide that an external force (event, outside character, etc) “pause/end” the fight. If a victor cannot be selected, a staff member will need to chose or postpone the battle. All PVP battles must be played fair or both participants will receive a warning.

V: Roleplay experience is desired, but not required. We are open to all members joining our RP whether you’re a beginners or advanced. If you are beginner, we are excited to see you grow with us!

Copyright ©️ 2018 Odyssey. All rights reserved. Updated 7/28/18.

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Odyssey's Guidebook Empty Getting Started

Post  Taaka Fri Mar 22, 2019 4:29 pm

✹ Getting Started
the story

Copyright ©️ 2018-2019 Odyssey. All rights reserved.

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Odyssey's Guidebook Empty Re: Odyssey's Guidebook

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