The Tales of Taaka
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Odyssey Joining Thread

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Odyssey Joining Thread Empty Odyssey Joining Thread

Post  Taaka Mon Feb 18, 2019 2:58 pm

Odyssey Joining Thread QJGQic4


-------------"My name is Amatullah, and I'd like to share with you the story of our people. It began as a promise; one centered around peace and harmony to those who inhabited the isles. Those principles are what founded our pack, the Tu'Lelo. Food and conflict was never thought to be a concern as our Tuhoagan, the leader of our tribe, strove to keep the promise he had made to his people many moons ago. All things would be provided if uttermost loyalty was given in return. Its members soared in numbers, reveling in their island paradise as well as a far-too-good-to-be-true compromise.

It was a burden that plagued the Tuhoagan's psyche, developing a sickness that left him too weak to cater his people -- his promise. The Tu'Lelo's dynamics began to quickly change; the people had grown lazy and refused to provide for themselves. Turmoil began to take root, leaving them in a state of blindness and helplessness. While the people of Tu'Lelo were in a state of panic, no one caught wind of the great doom that lay hidden in the shadows waiting for the proper moment to strike."


-------------We are happy to see that you've made it this far, and we are eager to include you into our odyssey! Odyssey is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay where the main focus of the RP is you. The decisions you make in the main quest will reflect the type of odyssey your character will have, but do not worry, you will never walk your path alone! We offer a "free-roam" roleplay that can take place before, after, or on the sidelines of the main quest to allow you to further develop your character with your very own stories.

To some surprise of our members, roleplay isn't our primary focus! Our goal is to create a community of avid authors who share the same enjoyment for roleplaying, developing their characters, memes, and sharing our love for literature.
We do not pride ourselves nor care in our member count, but the staff of Odyssey retrains its focus to enhancing deep friendships with our members. Every member we may receive is welcomed with open arms, and we look forward to future collaborations with each and every one of you!



Website: Click for access; joining is required.
Email: [[/url]
Discord: Click for invitation; joining is not required.
Skype: Click for invitation; joining is not required.

Creation Date: 01/01/2019  
Staff: Amatullah [founder] & Ramses [game master]  
Character Count: 4 [including NPCs/adoptables: 7]
Accepting Members: YES!

Continent Name & currency: Otaes (oo-tei-es); Totems
Native Tongue: [url=Click for access; "Chat Lexicon"[/url]
In-Game Year & Season: 1; spring
Group Anthem: Wardruna - Völuspá
# of Packs: 2; Tu'Lelo [open] & Sveni [open]
Accepting Pack Submissions: YES! Private Message Tascalusa for details.



▹▹▹▹ Please check out our rules and expectations before joining! Click for access; "Odyssey Rules & Guidelines."
▹▹▹▹ This is where all of our announcements will be posted! Click for access; "Odyssey News Thread."
▹▹▹▹ If you need some help getting started, please look at this guide for aid! Click for access; "How to Begin Your Odyssey."
▹▹▹▹ If you are not a WQ member and wish to join, please apply here: Click for access; "Odyssey Joining Thread."


Odyssey's packs are centered around a unique hierarchy that acts as a "skeleton" for every pack's structure. Each pack follows a "tier system" that resemble the following: "Alphas," "Betas," "Deltas," "Gammas," and "Omegas" -- all with their own custom titles. Instead of "ranks," packs must have four "jobs or tasks" that their members can choose from.  Each pack leader is welcome to purchase extra tiers/leagues and jobs for their pack too, but this is the standard for newly created packs! It is asked that these tiers and jobs reflect the culture of the pack, and that they get creative with their career choices!

Upon joining a pack, you will be placed in the "omega" tier and will have to prove your loyalty and commitment to your pack leader. In order to move up from the lowest tier and choose your task, you will have to pay 10 totems. Totems can be earned by simply posting in a roleplay topic and cashing in the post for staff evaluation; you will earn at least 5-10 totems for each post cashed in. The higher each promotion is along the tier, the more costly the purchase will be, but there are special cases in which staff will present a promotion for free based on enthusiasm, helpfulness, or activity.  

After you register your wolf, you will be given a bonus of 10 totems that can be used to pay for your rank-up (after a minimum of 5 responsible posts in RP is made/cashed in), or that can be saved for later use and/or for customization of your character. When registering your character, you will be faced with the choice of choosing which pack to join, or if your character will remain a dispersal wolf. This choice will reflect your character's destiny. If you join Tu'Lelo, your wolf will receive a bonus in their wit core; wolves joining Sveni will receive a bonus in their brawn core; wolves who choose the solitary life are able to choose which core their bonus will go towards. Newly registered members who decide to be a dispersal in the beginning of their journey are required to pay 10 totems to be in a pack (if they choose to later join a pack).


---- ▹▹▹ Male
---- ▹▹▹ Female
---- ▹▹▹ Inactive; decline in activity
---- ▹▹▹ Active is superb; well done!
---- ▹▹▹ Activity is on the medium side; could go both ways.
---- ▹▹▹ Character is frozen/stagnant in time; member is on EFA.
----☀️ ▹▹▹ This is an icon for NPCs and/or adoptables.
----ϟ ▹▹▹ Strike; these act as a warning. Four strikes will result in a removal from group.
----♦️ ▹▹▹ This icon represents our staff member's main accounts.
---- ▹▹▹ This icon represents a pack leader.
---- ▹▹▹ This is an icon for the pack leader's "right hand." This means the pack will run in his/her ownership if the pack leader goes on an EFA.


----Sveni Click for access; "Sveni Pack Information" "You will never fail if the cause is greater than your own life."
They go by many aliases, but one commonly-known detail is that they are to be reckoned with. There has always been lore and legend surrounding the Sveni, but none had imagined there was truth behind the fables. The Sveni are a nomadic tribe and hold extreme pride towards the fact they are able to survive in a land where others can n ot. The members of the Sveni use the tools given to be discrete about their work. They "mask" their identities by caking their fur with mud and soot, and express their rank by painting symbols with the dye of mulberries. It is forbidden to speak to outsiders in costume unless directed to. By any means necessary, each Sveni is required to decide what to do in certain circumstance as long as their choice is aimed to protect the tribe. After all is said and done, the Sveni carry a bond that transcends oath -- not only to their Khal, but to each other.
Ramses ♦️

----Tu'Lelo Click for access; "Tu'Lelo Pack Information." "These are the times when we must unite as one to save us."
The Tu'Lelo name has been engraved in history since the beginning of Otaes -- with each Tuhoagan's fall, the next in line would step up and take reign. As a part of the mourning process for the Tu'Lelo, a celebration of life and new beginnings would be held to honor the Tuhoagan's leadership and commemorate his next journey. The Tu'Lelo's new beginning began with Hassun who would inherit the throne. But instead of the Tuhoagan's traditionally stricter ruling in the past, Hassun had a opposing idea on how he'd guide his pack to prosperity. Hassun created the "promise" that would improve their numbers, and in addition to this decision, Hassun withdrew the ranks and jobs of all members -- all the work be placed on himself. The brute created a tight schedule to maintain the pack's needs, but the brute had began togrow exhausted and slowly started to deteriorate inside and out. However, it wasn't until a dark event occurred because his lack of strength, resulting Hassun to realize the error of his ways. The brute admitted fault for breaking his vows and had pleaded to his followers to forgive him. Some were sympathetic, but the dynamics had already turned against him. Riots and rallies are thrown in protest, mouths are not being fed, and the thought of overthrowing is widely mentioned. Will you defend Tuhoagan Hassun, or stand with those trying to replace him?
Hassun ☀️
Saleem ☀️
Rhyss ☀️
Amatullah ♦️

Odyssey, like many animal roleplays before it, allow the option of lending a hand to boost your website's activity as well as ours. We have created three ways to do this: advertisements, affiliating, and sponsoring. If you're ever curious about any of the following options, please direct yourself to the "Guest Checkpoint" for information.  


If you are curious about our community, please do not hesitate to poke around and meet us all before joining. We take great pleasure and pride to gaining your acquaintance before you indulge yourself in our little world.  
In order to join as a member, please register as your character's name and post your favorite joke or meme on the "Odyssey Joining Thread." After this task, the staff expects activity as well as a character biography within 12 days after joining. You can begin roleplay anytime after posting on the "Joining Thread."
Feel free to reply to this advertisement if you have questions and/or share interest!
If you are interested in becoming a key character in the story of Odyssey, we have adoptables available for auditioning inside of the "Character Hoard."

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